Sunday, March 16, 2014

In the Service of What? Extended Comments Blog

So this week for my blog I decided I wanted to do an extended comment. When reading others' blogs this week I noticed myself really connecting with the things that Jaclyn was saying in her blog.

In her blog, Jaclyn says "As I go each week to tutor the kids at school for this class, I feel like there’s something more. Maybe it’s because this is something I want to do for a career but I really feel as if I am making an impact on these kids with this project. I know that this is a requirement for our class, but truly, I enjoy going and helping them and feel accomplished when I leave" 

I couldn't agree more with that statement. For me, going to service learning every Friday is truly enjoyable. I love walking into the classroom and seeing all their faces smiling back at me and their hands frantically waving at me. It's honestly an amazing feeling know that these kids are excited to see you and that they want to work with you.
I find myself feeling the proudest on Friday's as well. Nothing makes me feel better about myself than knowing that my morning was well spent helping these kids. I feel like going to service learning really gives me a purpose. Like I feel like I'm doing something important, and even though I'm only one person, that hour and a half I spent with those kids mattered to them and had a positive influence on them.

Another point that Jaclyn talks about in her blog is in the reading how the middle class children were concerned about going to the lower class school, but were pleasantly surprised to learn that their assumptions were very wrong and stereotypical.

I can honestly admit that I too was extremely weary of going to the elementary school for service learning. However just like the students in the reading I too learned that nothing is as terrifying as your imagination makes it to be, and schools in lower class neighborhoods are not all that frightening. Jaclyn states, "I am finally looking past the “otherness” and have full faith in these students."
This notion of "diminishing otherness" is what allows us to cross boarders and interact with people who are different from us.

I don't think I could have said it better myself. I too find myself "looking past the 'otherness'" and really seeing the potential in all the students who I work with. Just like Jaclyn said, when you tell one of the students "you're so smart!" or "awesome job!" they smile ear to ear and it's truly rewarding to see.

I ended up finding this video on YouTube. It's only 5 minutes and the message it sends is pretty good too :) I think it really connects to this week's post :)

So overall, I enjoyed the reading this week, it made me think a lot about my own service learning experience. And a big thanks to Jaclyn for inspiring my blog post this week !

Thanks for reading !!


  1. Okay, before I say anything, I LOVED THAT VIDEO. Like I'm speechless. I wish them glasses really existed. You shouldn't make assumptions about people when you don't know what's happening in their lives. I learned that when I was going into service learning in my providence elementary school. At first, as you know, I was very skeptical because the school was located in providence. But in all reality, I'm so glad I stuck with it because these children mean so much to me already. I go there twice a week and it's such a great feeling when they have open arms and are excited to see you. I loved your post, and Jackie's of course! Great job Jen:)

  2. JEN! Loved your post this week, I always do. You did really well going off of Jackie's post which was also great. The video you included was amazing and the pictures were quite colorful. Great Job!

  3. Jen I always enjoy reading your post! Very interesting. I loved that video too!! Good job with the pictures also!